Forget Farm to Fork. Most Food Comes from the Lab to Your Plate.

Want to bite into a transgenic tomato?  Chances are that the side salad you just ordered for lunch or the non-organic tomato you bought at the grocery store is actually a watery mutation of tomato and fish cells.   If that doesn’t sound very appetizing, don’t reach for your favorite processed snack quite yet – most of the […]

Date Night: Dinner at Local Mission Eatery

“Entirely local, humane and housemade” – it’s tagline says it all.  Local Mission Eatery takes supporting local farms and food producers to a whole new level, sourcing everything from California for its quirky and tasty menu.  If you’re looking for the best ingredients our state has to offer prepared in interesting ways, it’s here.  Plus […]

Add a Little Ghee to Your Life

Goodbye, butter.  Hello, ghee!  Ayurveda is full of health secrets, such as the Buddha way of eating I recently wrote about. But my latest, tastiest discovery from this ancient science is incorporating ghee into my winter dishes. A form of clarified butter popular in Indian cuisine, ghee is commonly referred to as liquid gold.  With quite […]

Eating the Buddha Way

When it comes to food portions and conscious eating, the ancient natural science of Ayurveda recommends that you only eat what can fit in your cupped hands. This simple guideline has really helped me get a better sense of how much I should be eating to feel satisfied, not stuffed. Though I like to think […]

A Morning Shot of Raw Juice

There’s something about Fall that propels us from the lazy days of summer into a whirlwind of activity.  Chalk it up to back-to-school vibes or the crispness of the air around us, but this season always seems to spur transitions of all kinds.  A few of my personal changes this Fall have included starting an exciting new […]

Day Trip: Stopping by Soul Food Farm

A series of serendipitous events brought me unexpectedly to Soul Food Farm a few weeks back.  Situated on a country road in Vacaville, Calif, running parallel to the freeway, this chicken farm is the real deal.  Hens stroll about freely and you can pick up the most beautifully colored eggs. Or if you’re in the […]

Organic Summer Squash Orzo Recipe

My CSA box has been brimming with summer squash lately.  Squash, which is known as one of the “three sisters” (along with corn and beans) of Native American cuisine, is high in key antioxidants that are good for eye health.  So to preserve my sight and put something easy and delicious on the table, I […]

Not Your Typical Mom-and-Pop Ice Cream Shop

Have a craving for Cucumber Ice Milk?  How about creamy Saffron?  When it comes to quirky dining, even San Francisco’s ice cream shops are on the bandwagon.   So while the sun is shining, head over to Humphry Slocombe on Harrison,  Xanath on Valencia or Bi-Rite Creamery on 18th Street.  All three use organic Straus Creamery […]

Best Green Living Shows for A Rainy Summer Day

It’s a rainy summer day in the City, so grab your favorite bamboo blanket and catch up on two of the best sustainable living TV shows out there – “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” and “The Beekman Boys.” JAMIE OLIVER’S FOOD REVOLUTION Airing on ABC every Friday at 8pm PST, Jamie Oliver’s second season of battling […]

Calling All Foodies: Get Hungry For “The Perennial Plate” Web Series

Are you into adventurous and sustainable eating?   Then you’ll go absolutely crazy for “The Perennial Plate,” an online documentary series that follows activist and chef Daniel Klein as he celebrates real food in America. I just discovered “The Perennial Plate” and have been devouring the episodes.  From urban gardens to Midwestern family farms, Daniel shows […]