blossom jar Has Launched!

Posts have been a little slow going as of late because I officially launched my company and have been pre-occupied with setting up shop. Interested in what I’ve been up to? Here’s a look at blossom jar, my natural and organic skincare line! Why did I start blossom jar? I developed blossom jar because skincare […]

Winter-proof Your Hair

Winter weather has the tendency to turn sun-kissed strands into a frizzy mess. Summer damage really begins to show when temperatures drop, but there are a few natural steps you can take to get your mane healthy and shiny in time for all the holiday parties. Starting on the inside always helps. During the fall […]

Roses Aren’t Just for Valentine’s Day

  Want to calm anxiety?  Soothe worry lines?  Taking a stroll around the rows of blooming roses in the San Francisco Rose Garden is a good idea, but did you know there’s more to those pretty petals than meets the eye?  Roses contain numerous therapeutic properties good for your mood, health and complexion. Rose essence […]

Natural Lip Gloss Never Smelled So Good

Fragrance is a natural beauty’s ‘red alert’ ingredient.  Under trade secret laws, companies can use the word fragrance, or the more elegant parfum, on their labels and get away with not having to disclose thousands  – yes, you read that right – of synthetic ingredients used to make the product smell good or mask any […]

Detox in the Shower with Pearl +

Sometimes your skin needs…charcoal?  That’s the philosophy of Studio J, a small Portland-based company that makes Pearl +, a detoxing luxury soap filled with charcoal powder and crushed pearls. Putting a modern twist on a traditional Asian beauty treatment, founder Janet Jay handcrafts 100% natural soap bars that smooth skin with pearl (a 2,000-year-old Chinese […]

Is There Lead on that Pretty Pout of Yours?

What’s in your lipstick?  If you’re a fan of L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Mac or other top beauty brands, your pretty pout may be getting a daily dose of lead, finds a recent study by the FDA.  Even with all the awareness around toxins in cosmetics, primarily voiced by the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Campaign for […]

Fatal Attraction: The Beauty of an Infographic

This is one of the best infographics I’ve seen on the conventional beauty industry and the types of toxic products that consumers get tricked into buying.  What’s particularly interesting is that it was created by, which goes to show that the broken beauty system is being taken seriously by future skincare specialists, makeup artists […]

Swipe on Non-Toxic Nail Polishes from Priti NYC

What’s that under your fingernails? Similar to skin, nails are actually quite porous, which makes that new coat of pretty polish – and all its ingredients – seep in deeper than you might think.  Luckily more and more mainstream brands are going “3-Free” and eliminating the three most toxic chemicals from polish blends – toulene, […]

Eyeopener: Greenista’s Video Pick of the Week

Annie Leonard is the mastermind behind the intelligent and eye-opening “The Story of…” video series.  From The Story of Bottled Water to The Story of Electronics – and, of course, the original The Story of Stuff – I’ve been a fan of her work.  But my favorite exposé video by far is The Story of Cosmetics, […]

The Postman Is Coming!

There’s something exciting about receiving a package in the mail.  The anticipation. The unexpectedness.  The surprise contents inside.  I was in college the last time I received a box of fun goodies in the mail from my mom, so when I heard about the subscription service Quarterly, Co., I was intrigued. Every three months for […]