Starting a Recipe Card Box

In an effort to be healthier and save money, we’ve been cooking a lot of our meals at home. Thumbing through cookbooks and searching for ideas online is great for experimenting with new flavors and techniques, but I’ve come to find that having a collection of tried-and-true recipes at the ready is very helpful. Of […]

The Eco Mad Scientist in You: Burning Essential Oils

When a company aspires to make everyday household objects into functional art pieces, it’s hard not to take notice. So when I came across The Essential Oil Burner from Page Thirty Three, a sustainable design company, I was smitten! My husband and I are drawn to pieces that look like they belong in an eccentric explorer’s home from […]

A Handcrafted Home: Tips on Working with an Artisan

There are many elements to a happy life, but I have to say I agree with author Gretchen Rubin that home is the most important.  For some, home is a sacred retreat from the outside world.  For others, it’s a social hub that welcomes family, friends and neighbors alike.  At its core though, home is […]

Connecting With Nature

Haven’t been outside for a while?  Besides getting a little low on Vitamin D, reports show that infrequent time spent in nature is bad for our emotions, health and weight. GOOD magazine recently posted an article about nature-deficit disorder, also know as “alienation from the natural world.”  And it’s true: in this digital age, most […]

Get Some Natural Shut-Eye

The whole month of January can feel like one long race.   The busyness of the holidays is replaced by the energy of starting a new year.  Rushing from one thing to the next, our bodies are in constant motion – which is fine, until it’s time to settle down for bed. According to the National […]

Conquer Your Holiday Cold with Natural Remedies

What’s one way you don’t want to be spending the holidays?  Being sick.  Every year, like clockwork, I catch a cold or flu before Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I used to just swallow some over-the-counter drugs, drink a little tea and try to sleep it off.  But I’ve slowly seen that supporting your body with natural […]

How To Win the Sniffle Battle Naturally

Our immune systems are taking a hit this spring.  Sniffles and coughs are rampant among my colleagues, family and even fellow MUNI passengers – and it seems that both allergies and persisting winter viruses are to blame.  But instead of popping Benadryl like you do your daily multivitamin, try to bring your body back to […]

Celebrate Earth Hour This Saturday!

Great success is usually preceded by smart preparation.  That is the reasoning behind World Wildlife Fund and Earth Hour’s new “Beyond the Hour” platform, which challenges individuals to reflect and think of eco actions they can take during Earth Month (April) and continue for the rest of the year.   Whether it’s expanding the idea of Earth […]

San Francisco’s First Green Film Festival Is Here!

The first San Francisco Green Film Festival kicked off last night!  The entire event is plastic-free and launched with an entertaining and enlightening look at America’s addiction to plastic.  I’ll be posting my reviews of select films throughout the weekend, but here’s something to whet your appetite: the awesome parody music video “Plastic State of […] Deals for the Eco-Minded

Deal sites like Groupon and Living Social are great for exploring your city on a budget.  We’ve signed up for everything from photography classes to buying a mini-freezer’s worth of Let’s Be Frank hotdogs. Occasionally we’ve even come across an organic spa deal or a natural foods grocery store discount – but they alone weren’t enough to […]