A Morning Shot of Raw Juice

There’s something about Fall that propels us from the lazy days of summer into a whirlwind of activity.  Chalk it up to back-to-school vibes or the crispness of the air around us, but this season always seems to spur transitions of all kinds.  A few of my personal changes this Fall have included starting an exciting new […]

Shopping at Urban Bazaar

As I was walking home the other day, I happened to stop by a new shop in my neighborhood called Urban Bazaar.  From the outside it looked like a colorful succulent nursery, but on the inside there was a vast selection of fair trade jewelry, home goods, beauty lotions and clothing.  Some of the items […]

Not Your Typical Mom-and-Pop Ice Cream Shop

Have a craving for Cucumber Ice Milk?  How about creamy Saffron?  When it comes to quirky dining, even San Francisco’s ice cream shops are on the bandwagon.   So while the sun is shining, head over to Humphry Slocombe on Harrison,  Xanath on Valencia or Bi-Rite Creamery on 18th Street.  All three use organic Straus Creamery […]

Homemade Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Pizza Recipe

I am happy to report that my Back to the Roots mushroom harvest was successful!  A crop of oyster mushrooms started sprouting around the eighth day, and by the twelfth day they were ready to be picked. The Back to the Roots’ site has a ton of mushroom recipes – salads, risotto and even casseroles.  […]

DODOcase Brings Traditional Bookbinding to the Kindle

When I was six years old, my favorite outing was a trip to the library.  Each week, I would convince my mother to let me check out the maximum number of books allowed.  Then, I would quickly turn around and assemble a second stash that my sister (who, fortunately for me, did not share the […]

From Coffee Grounds to Mushrooms: How to Harvest Your Own

It doesn’t get any more local than this.  With foraging spots in the City becoming more limited (and risky if you aren’t a pro), most of us have had to abandon our fantasies of mushroom picking in Golden Gate Park and instead opt for grocery store or farmers’ market ‘shrooms.   However, there’s a new alternative […]

Are You A Coffee Addict? Get Ready to Take the Puerh Challenge

Love the wake-me-up aroma of coffee but hate the caffeine jitters?  We’ve all heard that green tea is a gentler, energy-boosting substitute, but sometimes you just need something a little stronger.  Though I do treat myself to an organic Bluebottle mocha as a Monday morning treat, I’ve found a wonderful alternative to coffee for the […]

Local Company Numi is a Greenista’s Cup of Tea

Who would’ve thought a calming oasis exists right off a busy freeway in Oakland. Amidst warehouses and concrete buildings lie the headquarters and tasting room of local tea company Numi. Founded in 1999 and run by brother-and-sister duo Ahmed and Reem, the inspiration for Numi was driven by their passion for tea, which included fond […]