Starting a Recipe Card Box

In an effort to be healthier and save money, we’ve been cooking a lot of our meals at home. Thumbing through cookbooks and searching for ideas online is great for experimenting with new flavors and techniques, but I’ve come to find that having a collection of tried-and-true recipes at the ready is very helpful. Of […]

Homemade Hot and Sour Soup

One of my most reliable flu remedies is Chinese hot and sour soup. The warmth of the vinegar and the nutrient-filled mushrooms and green onions provide a high dose of healing properties that can help stop sniffles before they get worse. It’s been hard to find the U.S. version I’m used to here in Australia, […]

Jazz Up Your Weekend Breakfast: Baked Eggs

  Weekend brunch is my favorite meal.  I love the leisurely pace and the hearty food.  I recently discovered an awesome café up the road from us in North Sydney called Indulgent Sage.  Their baked eggs dish is delicious and inspired me to try our own version at home. For this recipe, you’ll need a […]

Holiday Treat: Almond Sugar Cookies

Holiday baking is in full swing at our house!  With so many dishes to make, it’s great to have some easy recipes to fall back on, especially if you need to bring something at the last minute.  For a sweet end to Thanksgiving supper, or to begin planning what cookies to make for Santa, try […]

Homemade Almond Milk

I’m a big fan of alternative milk options.  Whether it’s an almond milk latte or coconut milk in my cereal, I have my go-to options when I feel like consuming a little less dairy.   But something my dad said about my ‘healthy’ non-milk cartons the other day stuck with me: “You spend all this time […]

Meatless Monday the Vegan Way

It takes creativity to keep Meatless Monday meals fresh and exciting, but Chloe’s Kitchen, the debut cookbook by vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli (of “Cupcake Wars” fame), makes it easy, fun and oh so delicious. For the past three months, my sister and I have been taking turns preparing and sharing Chloe’s comfort food vegan recipes.  […]

Spring Smoothie: Organic Hemp and Almond Butter

Spring represents renewal, and there’s no better time to refocus (or start!) healthy habits. Smoothies are a great way to get nutrients directly into your body, which absorbs liquids much more easily than solids. Many smoothie powders pack a punch of protein and vitamins, but not all are created equal. Take a look at the […]

Ancestral Skin Recipe: Drink Up with Barley Water

Kombucha. Kvass. Chia juice. The list of Old World-inspired health drinks hitting the market is growing. But spending $4 a bottle when you need to hydrate is a bit much.  Making homemade beverages from ancestral recipes, however, is easier than you think. For the past few months, I’ve been stocking my fridge with a fresh […]

Meatless Monday: Curry Stir Fry w/ Tasty Vegan Sausage

Gourmet meals are nice, but sometimes you just need to get something on the table fast.  Two prepared staples I always have on hand for quick vegetarian dinners are Seeds of Change simmer sauces and artisan Field Roast vegan sausages. Seeds of Change sauces are Indian-style curries that are made with nutritious, organic ingredients.  It’s […]

Greenista Homemade Holiday Gifts: Part 1

Now that it’s the first week of December and I’m finally on break from grad school, planning Christmas gifts is top priority.  Finding a great present is always exciting, but making gifts for friends and family is especially meaningful. Since chapped lips are an unfortunate side effect of winter weather, mixing up an ultra-moisturizing lip […]