Forget Farm to Fork. Most Food Comes from the Lab to Your Plate.

Want to bite into a transgenic tomato?  Chances are that the side salad you just ordered for lunch or the non-organic tomato you bought at the grocery store is actually a watery mutation of tomato and fish cells.   If that doesn’t sound very appetizing, don’t reach for your favorite processed snack quite yet – most of the […]

What the Frack is Going On?

The environmental movement has caught on to a marketing secret: spread the message through a “can’t-get-it-out-of-my-head” ditty.  The latest catchy exposé I’ve come across targets fracking, a controversial natural gas drilling procedure that extracts trapped energy by injecting toxic chemicals and water into underground rock formations.  Lax regulation around fracking standards, as well as extremely […]

Tech Trouble: The Story of Electronics

In her latest “The Story of Electronics” video, Annie Leonard tackles the toxic tech industry and explores the inherent, disposable nature of electronics – what she calls “designed for the dump.”  Now, we’ve all been tempted by the affordable upgrade-your-mobile-phone offers every two years, or the sleek and shiny new gadget from Apple.  But behind […]

Water Wars: Tap vs. Bottled Water

After opening our eyes to the brainwashing behind the manufactured demand of mass consumerism in her debut video “The Story of Stuff,” Annie Leonard dives under the surface of the bottled water industry to expose a system that cons citizens into paying top dollar for inferior water that simply comes in a pretty plastic bottle, along […]

Drink To Your Health: Eco Travel Mugs

If the whole BPA-lining debacle concerning reusable water bottles last summer had you worrying about meeting your daily hydration quota – because, seriously, if you can’t use your iconic SIGG to drink water from, then what can you use – it’s only natural that you’d turn a weary eye to the other travel mugs and […]

Disney Sells Toxic ‘Think Green’ Wallets – Greenwashing 101

  For the past couple of years, the Happiest Place on Earth has made an effort to become greener. From the trains running 100 percent on biodiesel (source: Environmental Leader) to the sale of organic cotton T-shirts and recycling bins scattered throughout the park, many could say Disneyland was on the path to become a […]