The Story of Change

Change can bring exciting possibilities or force us to face an uncomfortable new direction.  But no matter what, one thing remains true: it’s inevitable.  Filmmaker Annie Leonard’s new video “The Story of Change” looks at how our current economic model pushes us to make certain choices, leading to priorities that aren’t good for us or […]

Eyeopener: Greenista’s Video Pick of the Week

Annie Leonard is the mastermind behind the intelligent and eye-opening “The Story of…” video series.  From The Story of Bottled Water to The Story of Electronics – and, of course, the original The Story of Stuff – I’ve been a fan of her work.  But my favorite exposé video by far is The Story of Cosmetics, […]

Gorgeously Green DIY Face Cream

Whenever I’m in the mood for a do-it-yourself beauty project, I turn to Gorgeously Green’s Sophie Uliano for inspiration.  One of my favorite skin-soothing formulas is her Geranium Almond Face Cream.  I use it as a base before applying sunscreen in the morning.  Give it a go and see the difference it’ll make on your […]

What the Frack is Going On?

The environmental movement has caught on to a marketing secret: spread the message through a “can’t-get-it-out-of-my-head” ditty.  The latest catchy exposé I’ve come across targets fracking, a controversial natural gas drilling procedure that extracts trapped energy by injecting toxic chemicals and water into underground rock formations.  Lax regulation around fracking standards, as well as extremely […]

Best Green Living Shows for A Rainy Summer Day

It’s a rainy summer day in the City, so grab your favorite bamboo blanket and catch up on two of the best sustainable living TV shows out there – “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” and “The Beekman Boys.” JAMIE OLIVER’S FOOD REVOLUTION Airing on ABC every Friday at 8pm PST, Jamie Oliver’s second season of battling […]

Calling All Foodies: Get Hungry For “The Perennial Plate” Web Series

Are you into adventurous and sustainable eating?   Then you’ll go absolutely crazy for “The Perennial Plate,” an online documentary series that follows activist and chef Daniel Klein as he celebrates real food in America. I just discovered “The Perennial Plate” and have been devouring the episodes.  From urban gardens to Midwestern family farms, Daniel shows […]

Celebrate Earth Hour This Saturday!

Great success is usually preceded by smart preparation.  That is the reasoning behind World Wildlife Fund and Earth Hour’s new “Beyond the Hour” platform, which challenges individuals to reflect and think of eco actions they can take during Earth Month (April) and continue for the rest of the year.   Whether it’s expanding the idea of Earth […]

Must-See Documentaries from the 1st SF Green Film Festival

For its first run, the inaugural San Francisco Green Film Festival was a hit!  The topics of the various documentaries – from the rights of butterflies to the greening of Hollywood film sets – showed just how expansive the sustainability sector is and how creative entrepreneurs, hard-working humanitarians and everyday citizens are able to drive […]

San Francisco’s First Green Film Festival Is Here!

The first San Francisco Green Film Festival kicked off last night!  The entire event is plastic-free and launched with an entertaining and enlightening look at America’s addiction to plastic.  I’ll be posting my reviews of select films throughout the weekend, but here’s something to whet your appetite: the awesome parody music video “Plastic State of […]

Not Your Typical Holiday Fruitcake

Holiday traditions are important (and fun) markers of the season.  Whether long-established or recently conceived, pick an activity that you can joyfully call your own.  Make vibrant wreaths or sew a quilt for the local homeless shelter – the options are endless! This year, I decided to take a page out of Truman Capote’s “A […]