The Eco Mad Scientist in You: Burning Essential Oils

When a company aspires to make everyday household objects into functional art pieces, it’s hard not to take notice. So when I came across The Essential Oil Burner from Page Thirty Three, a sustainable design company, I was smitten! My husband and I are drawn to pieces that look like they belong in an eccentric explorer’s home from […]

An Energy-Saving Cuppa

I’ve slowly been settling into my new life in Australia.  The scenery might be different from my foggy San Francisco home (our apartment here overlooks a tropical harbor in North Sydney!), but my morning routine is relatively the same.  With one notable exception: how I make my tea.  This might not seem like a big deal, […]

Get Some Natural Shut-Eye

The whole month of January can feel like one long race.   The busyness of the holidays is replaced by the energy of starting a new year.  Rushing from one thing to the next, our bodies are in constant motion – which is fine, until it’s time to settle down for bed. According to the National […]

Fresh Faced for the New Year

In need of a beauty pick-me-up for 2012? Over the last five years I’ve switched all my cosmetics and skincare products to natural alternatives, and one product has always kept its prominent place in my beauty bag: rms beauty’s Living Luminizer cream. When my skin is feeling a little dull or pale, I dab the […]

Eating the Buddha Way

When it comes to food portions and conscious eating, the ancient natural science of Ayurveda recommends that you only eat what can fit in your cupped hands. This simple guideline has really helped me get a better sense of how much I should be eating to feel satisfied, not stuffed. Though I like to think […]

Natural Sound with Vers Earphones

If you’ve never given much thought to your earphones, that’s about to change.   Over the past few months, I’ve been plugged in to iTunes quite a bit – listening to classical music when I study for my GreenMBA classes or catching up on the latest NPR podcast while riding MUNI to work.  But when my […]

Take This, TSA: Store Your Organic Liquid Products in GoToob

We eagerly await our summer vacations.  But packing for them?  Not so much.  Personal care and beauty routines especially take a hit while we’re on the road – it’s a hassle to find TSA-approved sizes of our favorite products and most hotels still carry unhealthy brands. So what’s a jetsetter to do?  Turn to San […]

DODOcase Brings Traditional Bookbinding to the Kindle

When I was six years old, my favorite outing was a trip to the library.  Each week, I would convince my mother to let me check out the maximum number of books allowed.  Then, I would quickly turn around and assemble a second stash that my sister (who, fortunately for me, did not share the […]

A Breath of Fresh Air: Natural Cure for Pesky Seasonal Allergies

For the San Francisco girl, springtime brings sunnier skies, outdoor dinner dates, gorgeous blooms in Golden Gate Park…and the unfortunate arrival of seasonal allergies.  If the idea of escaping from the winter flu only to encounter a daily stuffy nose or sinus congestion is enough to drive you back indoors, it’s time to look for a […]

Drink To Your Health: Eco Travel Mugs

If the whole BPA-lining debacle concerning reusable water bottles last summer had you worrying about meeting your daily hydration quota – because, seriously, if you can’t use your iconic SIGG to drink water from, then what can you use – it’s only natural that you’d turn a weary eye to the other travel mugs and […]