Starting a Recipe Card Box

In an effort to be healthier and save money, we’ve been cooking a lot of our meals at home. Thumbing through cookbooks and searching for ideas online is great for experimenting with new flavors and techniques, but I’ve come to find that having a collection of tried-and-true recipes at the ready is very helpful. Of […]

Eco Trip: Greenista Guide to the Blue Mountains – Part II

I recently got a second chance to visit the Blue Mountains when one of my best friends flew out to Sydney.  This time we stayed in Wentworth Falls (the Valley of the Waters B&B was amazing!) and spent time perusing shops and tasting local specialties.  Here’s what we loved: Where to Eat In Blackheath, a […]

blossom jar Has Launched!

Posts have been a little slow going as of late because I officially launched my company and have been pre-occupied with setting up shop. Interested in what I’ve been up to? Here’s a look at blossom jar, my natural and organic skincare line! Why did I start blossom jar? I developed blossom jar because skincare […]

The Eco Mad Scientist in You: Burning Essential Oils

When a company aspires to make everyday household objects into functional art pieces, it’s hard not to take notice. So when I came across The Essential Oil Burner from Page Thirty Three, a sustainable design company, I was smitten! My husband and I are drawn to pieces that look like they belong in an eccentric explorer’s home from […]

A Handcrafted Home: Tips on Working with an Artisan

There are many elements to a happy life, but I have to say I agree with author Gretchen Rubin that home is the most important.  For some, home is a sacred retreat from the outside world.  For others, it’s a social hub that welcomes family, friends and neighbors alike.  At its core though, home is […]

Homemade Hot and Sour Soup

One of my most reliable flu remedies is Chinese hot and sour soup. The warmth of the vinegar and the nutrient-filled mushrooms and green onions provide a high dose of healing properties that can help stop sniffles before they get worse. It’s been hard to find the U.S. version I’m used to here in Australia, […]

Eco Trip: Greenista Guide to the Blue Mountains – Part I

Weekend trips to local spots are the best.  You’re able to get away from it all without having to travel very far.  It’s how my husband and I like to recharge! Our most recent trip was to the Blue Mountains, a vast World Heritage wilderness site full of waterfalls, canyons and sandstone cliffs that are […]

Jazz Up Your Weekend Breakfast: Baked Eggs

  Weekend brunch is my favorite meal.  I love the leisurely pace and the hearty food.  I recently discovered an awesome café up the road from us in North Sydney called Indulgent Sage.  Their baked eggs dish is delicious and inspired me to try our own version at home. For this recipe, you’ll need a […]

An Energy-Saving Cuppa

I’ve slowly been settling into my new life in Australia.  The scenery might be different from my foggy San Francisco home (our apartment here overlooks a tropical harbor in North Sydney!), but my morning routine is relatively the same.  With one notable exception: how I make my tea.  This might not seem like a big deal, […]

Holiday Treat: Almond Sugar Cookies

Holiday baking is in full swing at our house!  With so many dishes to make, it’s great to have some easy recipes to fall back on, especially if you need to bring something at the last minute.  For a sweet end to Thanksgiving supper, or to begin planning what cookies to make for Santa, try […]