Starting a Recipe Card Box

Image c/o 1canoe2

In an effort to be healthier and save money, we’ve been cooking a lot of our meals at home. Thumbing through cookbooks and searching for ideas online is great for experimenting with new flavors and techniques, but I’ve come to find that having a collection of tried-and-true recipes at the ready is very helpful.

Of course there are numerous websites, programs and apps that have digitalized the cooking process, but there’s something comforting and tactile about taking the time to write down favorite recipes and meals. My mom had a stack of well-used recipe cards that she turned to frequently when I was growing up, and I recently had the urge to start my own recipe box.

Image c/o 1canoe2

I found an adorable handmade wooden box with letterpress recipe cards on Etsy (made by the shop 1canoe2) and have been recording old family recipes and new favorites alike. Sure the cards will get soiled as time goes on, but they’ll be a lasting record of what brought us together at the dinner table now and for years to come. Somehow I can’t say as much for the nifty food app on my iPhone.

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