The Eco Mad Scientist in You: Burning Essential Oils

When a company aspires to make everyday household objects into functional art pieces, it’s hard not to take notice. So when I came across The Essential Oil Burner from Page Thirty Three, a sustainable design company, I was smitten!

My husband and I are drawn to pieces that look like they belong in an eccentric explorer’s home from the 1800s (I blame all the old adventure books we read), and this refined take on a classic glass burner was too cool to pass up.  Handmade in Sydney, the base is made from Tasmanian Oak hardwood, the small vial of essential oil comes from local farm Belle Fleur Lavender, and the non-toxic beeswax candles are handmade by Northern Light.

While the unique eco design first caught my eye, the burner has some important home health benefits, too. Instead of using synthetic candles or fragrances – the majority of which are terrible for lungs and allergies – to scent our home, I now mix up different organic essential oil blends. For example, grapefruit and lemon to power us through an afternoon slump, or lavender and chamomile to set a relaxing vibe in the evening.

Ready to bring out the eco-minded mad scientist in you?

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