Winter-proof Your Hair

Winter weather has the tendency to turn sun-kissed strands into a frizzy mess. Summer damage really begins to show when temperatures drop, but there are a few natural steps you can take to get your mane healthy and shiny in time for all the holiday parties.

Starting on the inside always helps. During the fall and winter, I take Biotin hair supplements. Taking one a day seems to make my hair grow much faster and stronger.

Another simple fix is an old wives’ tale of brushing hair 100 times a day. Get a good quality brush (natural bristles are the best for distributing oil from roots to ends) and make this a bedtime ritual.

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After showering, my new go-to natural products are Yarok’s Feed Your Ends leave-in conditioner and Dr. Hauschka’s Neem Hair Lotion. I spray my hair all over with the leave-in conditioner, focusing particularly on my ends, and my hair detangles instantly. Whether I am blow drying or letting my hair air-dry, the leave-in conditioner smells awesome and makes my hair super soft. Made from a blend of vitamin-packed ingredients – including plants, herbs and oils – it is especially good for hair that is prone to split ends. I don’t know how I’ve lived without it!

After the conditioning, I shake a dime-size amount of the neem oil into my hand and rub it into my scalp. My hair is typically frustrating as it’s very oily near the roots and dry on the ends, but this oil has somehow balanced my oiliness (ironic, yes) and now I have to wash it less often and it looks great.

It’s time to say farewell to winter frizz!

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