Natural Lip Gloss Never Smelled So Good

Fragrance is a natural beauty’s ‘red alert’ ingredient.  Under trade secret laws, companies can use the word fragrance, or the more elegant parfum, on their labels and get away with not having to disclose thousands  – yes, you read that right – of synthetic ingredients used to make the product smell good or mask any unsavory chemical aromas.  I’d resigned myself to the fact that my lip gloss would probably never smell like the deliciously scented stuff I loved and used in my less-enlightened years…until I came across the MarieNatie cosmetics line.

The Canadian beauty company’s new all-natural lip glosses are divine.  They are preservative-free and super-hydrating, full of ingredients like pomegranate oil, grapefruit seed oil and Vitamin E.  The gloss formula has a yummy caramelized sugar scent, made from a blend of essential oils, that keeps me reapplying all day long.  And unlike conventional lip glosses, MarieNatie’s products deliver shine without hair-glued-to-your-lips stickiness.

I’ve been using Bronze Queen, a sheer coral that is very pretty and trendy for summer.  It’s quirky, sparkly and subdued enough to wear with a lot of different outfits.  I can’t wait to order some of the other 11 bright and cheeky shades – “Tahitian Sunrise” or “Nearly Wild,” anyone? – which are reasonably priced at $18.

MarieNatie is proof that eco beauty products work and smell just as good – if not better – than their fragrance-filled counterparts.  One whiff of this eco gloss and you’ll be singing its praises, too.

MarieNatie lip glosses can be purchased at  I received a sample from the company for possible review, and loved it so much that I had to share!

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