Feast Your Greenista Eyes on This

Last week, San Francisco was graced with a few days of gorgeous spring weather.  But the fog never stays away for long.  To bring back that sunshine state of mind, one of my favorite pastimes is to browse design blogs for seasonal inspiration.

Items designed and made with sustainability and longevity in mind are beautiful both for the home and the planet.  Chances are if you buy a quality item you truly love or need, it won’t be finding its way to a landfill anytime soon – unlike many bargain or ‘just because’ purchases.

To get you psyched to eco-ize your pad, above is my first roundup of green spring finds from a group of Etsy.com sellers!

Clockwise from top: Organic French lavender sachets with vintage fabric by ProjectSarafan; Reclaimed oak side table by TheWickedWorkshop; Organic steel blue market tote by Besu; Ceramic cups from San Francisco-based Paulova; and Hemp and organic cotton spring dress by MtnLotus.

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