Made in the USA: Glass Dharma’s Sustainable Straws

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The next time you sip your favorite drink, consider swapping your plastic straw for a sustainable glass one.  Glass Dharma makes straws that, unlike their plastic counterparts, don’t leach harmful chemicals and are reusable.

Glass Dharma’s straws are all handmade in Fort Bragg, California.  The company was started by glassblower David Leonhardt, who was inspired to begin creating reusable straws when he saw a McDonald’s statistic: As of March 2008, McDonald’s serves an average of 52 million meals per day.  Most of those meals have the customer using a disposable straw, so he decided to create an elegant, eco-friendly option that would keep thousands of plastic straws out of the landfill for every one glass straw produced and used.

My cousin gifted me with a Glass Dharma straw for my birthday and I’ve really enjoyed using it for iced tea, smoothies and for the occasional latte, which helps keep coffee from staining my teeth. When out-and-about, I wrap it in a scrap of fabric, but you can also purchase one of the cases made by the company.  The straw is very durable and Glass Dharma even has a Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage.  Talk about standing behind your product and showing that such a small change can have very big eco impacts!

Get your Glass Dharma straw at  Prices range from $6.50 – $10.00.

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