The Prince’s Speech on the Future of Food

This is the heart of the problem. Why is it an industrialized system, deeply dependent on fossil fuels and chemical treatments, is promoted as viable, while a much less damaging one is rubbished and condemned as unfit for purpose?  The reasons lie in the anomalies that exist behind the scenes.”

-Prince Charles, The Prince’s Speech: On the Future of Food        

In May 2011, HRH Price Charles delivered a speech to Georgetown University graduates about the basic facts of how the industrialized food system is negatively impacting society, health, environment and the economy.  His speech was recently transcribed into a pamphlet – The Prince’s Speech: On The Future of Food – and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who cares about their health and wants the genuine truth about a food system that is no longer able to feed its people well or ensure a thriving ecosystem for future generations.

Prince Charles’ speech is a good, common sense primer on the food issues Americans – and citizens all over the globe – are beginning to comprehend.  His perspective on how we can progress towards healthier and better food for all even mirrors the beliefs of our Founding Fathers, calling for “relocalizing the production and distribution of key staple foods.”

While his speech doesn’t provide all the solutions or models that will fix our faltering food system, this short read is meant to be a compelling wake-up call.  The Prince’s Speech does a good job of feeding our appetite for knowledge and facts, while leaving us a tad hungry to got out and learn more.

Here’s a clip from the upcoming documentary “Harmony” about Prince Charles’ leadership in addressing our global issues.

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