Swipe on Non-Toxic Nail Polishes from Priti NYC

What’s that under your fingernails? Similar to skin, nails are actually quite porous, which makes that new coat of pretty polish – and all its ingredients – seep in deeper than you might think.  Luckily more and more mainstream brands are going “3-Free” and eliminating the three most toxic chemicals from polish blends – toulene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde – but the replacement ingredients are still questionable at best. That’s why the polishes by Priti NYC are a breath of fresh air – in more ways than one.

Founder Kim D’Amato is fully transparent about the ingredients in her non-toxic, gorgeous color blends, which she was inspired to create after getting pregnant. Priti NYC’s color selection is varied, the eco-friendly polish stays on for a long time, and the healthier ingredients are moisturizing and help rebuild nail strength.  The colors I find myself wearing a lot are Prince Charming (a fun bubblegum pink) and April Snow (a chic, subdued gold). And at $12.50 a pop, they’re more affordable than their toxic department store counterparts.

Priti-fy your next manicure and go beyond “3-Free.”

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