Meatless Monday: Curry Stir Fry w/ Tasty Vegan Sausage

Gourmet meals are nice, but sometimes you just need to get something on the table fast.  Two prepared staples I always have on hand for quick vegetarian dinners are Seeds of Change simmer sauces and artisan Field Roast vegan sausages.

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Seeds of Change sauces are Indian-style curries that are made with nutritious, organic ingredients.  It’s fairly hard to find sauces that don’t have hidden syrups, sugars or unhealthy oils at the grocery store, so the flavorful Seeds of Change mild Korma (with coconut and ginger) and spicy Jalfrezi (with medium-hot bell pepper) sauces are my favorite to cook with and instantly transform any rice dish.

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Most imitation meats are actually very bad for you – they contain soy protein isolate, which is highly processed and can have toxic byproducts – but the grain “meat” by Field Roast is both healthy and delicious.  Made primarily from seitan (the protein portion of wheat), Field Roast sausages are great by themselves or in dishes like pasta, pizza or rice bowls.  The two flavors I purchase frequently are the Apple Sage and Chipotle Mexican. Make sure to keep them in the fridge until you are ready to cut them, though, as they do break apart easily.

My Meatless Monday recipe below incorporates both of these items for a simple and satisfying meal.  Bon appétit!

Greenista’s Curry Stir Fry w/ Tasty Vegan Sausage
Serves 3-4
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes (not including cooking time for rice)


6 oz Seeds of Change Korma simmer sauce

1 ½ cup mushrooms (I like organic Mycopia mixes)

1 organic green bell pepper

5 slender carrots and two fistfuls of carrot top greens

½ medium yellow onion

2 heaping teaspoons of ghee

2 Field Roast apple sage sausages

2 cups brown rice

Red chili pepper flakes (optional)

Recipe Instructions

Cook brown rice according to instructions (I use a rice cooker).

Chop onion, mushrooms, green bell pepper, carrots and carrot greens.

Turn flame on low-to-medium heat. Add ghee to frying pan and melt.  Add onion and stir for 3-5 minutes until translucent.

Chop Field Roast sausages into bite-size pieces.

Add mushrooms, green bell pepper, carrots and carrot greens.  Stir for 3 minutes.

Add Field Roast sausages and stir for another 2 minutes.

Add Seeds of Change Korma simmer sauce.  Mix well, lower heat and simmer for 10 – 15 minutes (with frying pan covered).

Spoon rice into dinner bowl and top with vegetable stir fry.  Sprinkle chili pepper flakes for a little extra spiciness!

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