Eco Perfumes: A Natural Signature Scent

As any natural beauty girl can attest to, finding a non-toxic perfume that smells as good as Chanel No. 5 or the latest Ralph Lauren fragrance is downright difficult.  Many of the eco blends out there leave you smelling like a flower child, which is fine if you’re really into patchouli.  Dabbing on a homemade blend of diluted essential oils is an option if you have a good nose, or you can skip scents altogether (though that’s not very fun).

Over the years, my perfume collection has seen the likes of both mainstream “natural” fragrances from Sephora and ridiculously priced aromatics touted for their rare organic exoticness.  All along, however, there has been a great San Francisco-based beauty company right under my nose making unique, non-toxic fragrances.

Roman Ruby Botanicals sells perfume oils made from pure essential oils and carefully selected fragrance oils.  Blended in Potrero Hill, the natural perfumes smell amazing and last a long time.  My favorite is Shakespeare Garden, which is feminine with a touch of musk, and is made from tuberose, pikake, black amber musk and jojoba oil.

Just remember that scents interact differently with everyone’s body chemistry, so what smells beautifully on one person just might not do it for someone else.  Thankfully the number of natural, non-toxic perfume options has been growing rapidly.  For example, the blog NoMoreDirtyLooks recently wrote about their new favorite fragrance by Lotus Wei, so check it out for an additional perfume pick.  Soon you’ll have others dying to know what your new incredible signature scent is!

I purchased my Roman Ruby Botanicals fragrance oils at Collage Gallery in Potrero Hill for $18.


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