What’s In Your Jewelry Box?

Collecting jewelry is fun!  From the Murano glass pendant I picked up in Venice to the Native American-made turquoise ring I found in Arizona, jewelry can be a reminder of fond memories or simply a pretty accessory.  However, where and how a piece is made is important.

The human and environmental impacts of mining for jewelry materials – including slave labor, pollution and destruction of natural habitats – are not to be ignored.  Luckily there are companies like Brilliant Earth that only source conflict-free diamonds and gems and use recycled gold.  But even if you’re not in the market for a pricey investment piece, there are three purchasing guidelines I follow that ensure I feel eco-good about my jewelry finds:

  • Certified fair-trade – check out eBay’s World of Good for a great selection of ethical jewelry from around the world.
  • Made from region-specific materials by local artisans – preserve tradition and support small businesses unique to the area you are visiting.
  • Made from recycled or reclaimed materials – don’t waste what’s already been created!

Image Courtesy of www.tumbleweedbeadco.com

For simple and chic eco jewelry, Tumbleweed Bead Co., a Washington-based company that fashions unique pieces out of recycled materials and natural stones, is right on the money.  The line’s handcrafted silver hoops and gold square earrings are my favorite everyday items.  The design is clean and I can pair them with anything from a basic sweater to a happy hour dress – plus the prices are a steal!

Fill your jewelry box with beautiful, responsibly-made items and every piece will be special.

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