Eating the Buddha Way

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When it comes to food portions and conscious eating, the ancient natural science of Ayurveda recommends that you only eat what can fit in your cupped hands. This simple guideline has really helped me get a better sense of how much I should be eating to feel satisfied, not stuffed. Though I like to think portion size doesn’t matter as much since I pile my plate with organic vegetables and grains, the fact remains that calories are calories – no matter where they come from.

With this new eating philosophy, I have become addicted to using my handmade Buddha Bowl for my at-home meals. Created by designer Elan, who runs a small studio in Vancouver, BC and a collaborative studio in Southern California, my bowl is local and sustainable. All the materials, from the clay to the glazes, are from North America, which is great since most other Buddha Bowl manufacturers source internationally.

Holding the bowl while eating gives me a new sense of awareness of what is going into my mouth. Because I can feel the weight of the food, I am more conscious and thankful of the sustenance I am receiving. Try it and see how your perspective on nourishment changes.

I bought two Buddha Bowls – in Butter (yellow) for myself and Pacific (blue) for my boyfriend – on for $19 each.   I recommend those colors – they are calming, beautiful and are a shot of color among our neutral-colored dishware!

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