Happy Food Day!

Today marks the first official Food Day, which celebrates and promotes access to healthy and sustainable food nationwide. Started by the Center for Science in the Public Interest and backed by sustainable agriculture heavyweights like Michael Pollan and Alice Waters, Food Day is a reminder that what is on our plates is inextricably linked not only to our personal wellbeing, but also to our local economies, national legislative policies, food access inequalities and overall health as a society.

Food Day’s main goal is to raise awareness around “healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way.”  Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can participate and make a difference, such as attending organized events happening all over San Francisco and the Bay Area – or join the Marin Organic gleaning team today at Green Gulch Farm in Muir Beach. You can also support the movement by buying produce from local farms (go to LocalHarvest.org to find a farmer’s market near you) or eating at restaurants that offer farm-to-fork options. Check out Marin Organic’s list of Supporting Producers and Business Members for some ideas on where to get delicious, real food!

Disclosure: This post originally appeared on MarinOrganic.org, where I recently became the Supporting Business Program Manager.

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