Shopping at Urban Bazaar

As I was walking home the other day, I happened to stop by a new shop in my neighborhood called Urban Bazaar.  From the outside it looked like a colorful succulent nursery, but on the inside there was a vast selection of fair trade jewelry, home goods, beauty lotions and clothing.  Some of the items were made locally, like the Berkeley-based AngelMade infused coconut oil I bought, and the rest was from around the world, including an adorable owl-shaped trivet from India I picked up.

Unlike other fair trade stores I’ve been in before, Urban Bazaar carries items that I would honestly love to feature in my home (or wear!).  They are chic, sustainable and, though I think it’s important to support global fair trade workers, it’s just as critical to support the artisans living in our own towns and cities.

Image Courtesy of Urban Bazaar

If you’re in San Francisco this weekend, you’re in luck!  On Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 5pm, Urban Bazaar will be holding its “Vagabond Indie Craft Fair,” selling handcrafted goods from dozens of local artists.  Stop by for everything from artistic woodworking to vintage steam punk accessories.  I know I’ll be starting my Christmas shopping early.

Urban Bazaar is located at 1371 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122.  415-664-4422.


  1. Sounds awesome! I’ll have to stop and check it out.

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