Beauty Benefits From a Whole Avocado

As avocado season nears its tail end in California, I brace myself for parting with what I consider to be the best beauty food around.  Whether I’m smearing it on my hair or spooning it right out of the peel, this vitamin-packed and healthy fat-filled fruit keeps my skin and hair smooth and moisturized.

So what’s a Greenista to do when winter rolls around? Find a beauty use for the avocado pits, naturally. I clean and collect them from spring until fall, ensuring I have a ready supply of phenomenal mini massage tools. Use the palm of your hand and roll the pit across your back and anywhere you feel sore – or swap massages with your partner.  It feels incredible!

Massage is known to promote blood flow, rejuvenate skin cells and eliminate toxins, which is especially great for skin during the drying winter months. Sometimes I’ll dip the avocado pit in nourishing sweet almond or jojoba oil to rub on my shoulders, but be forewarned: it can get slippery.

Now go prepare a bowl of creamy guacamole and partake in the many beauty benefits of avocados while you still can!

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