Day Trip: Stopping by Soul Food Farm

A series of serendipitous events brought me unexpectedly to Soul Food Farm a few weeks back.  Situated on a country road in Vacaville, Calif, running parallel to the freeway, this chicken farm is the real deal.  Hens stroll about freely and you can pick up the most beautifully colored eggs. Or if you’re in the mood for meat, they have fresh pastured poultry available.

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The olive trees on the property enable owners Alexis and Eric Koefoed to produce a full-bodied, earthy organic olive oil.  I’ve been sprinkling it generously on my pasta and heirloom tomato dishes, and its flavor is so unique and strong that I really don’t need to add much else.  I was also able to buy a jar of deep golden honey, which is so sweet that I only drizzle a little bit into my tea – though with cold season coming up, I have been sneaking a spoonful every now and then as part of my natural flu prevention routine.

If you aren’t able to take a trip out to Soul Food Farm, they offer a CSA box for pickup throughout the Bay Area.  The farm takes a winter CSA break starting in December though, so sign up now if you’re interested in stocking up.  After all, I heard that Alice Waters sources items from Soul Food Farm, so if it’s good enough for Chez Panisse it’s definitely good enough for your kitchen!

Soul Food Farm is located at 6046 Pleasants Valley Road, Vacaville, CA 95688.  Prices may vary, but my eggs were $6, the olive oil was $20 and the honey was $12.  Cash or check only. If you want to make a day of it, the farm also holds various events and there is a herb and flower farm down the way, which was unfortunately closed when I visited on Labor Day.

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