Lured by the DIY Life?

Custom Order - Cream Wool Dotted Leg-warmers: From OurSunshine on

Hand-knit mittens and custom-crafted tables are just a few of the unique treasures found on, which connects talented DIY folks with buyers who value handmade products over the generic, unsustainable options found at the mall.

Spending money on commerce that supports small businesses and operates on human-scale economies (i.e. the amount of scarves that Jane Smith in Oregon can sell depends on how quickly her own two hands can knit, as opposed to The Gap who churns them out in third-world factories around the globe) can help shift us to a more genuine and connected way of living.  One of my favorite stores on is Soap Walla from Brooklyn, NY, and I can truly say I’ve never been so excited to buy deodorant as I am when I get their Deodorant Cream!  It feels more personal and I know I am getting a product that has been thoughtfully made.

But instead of just participating on the consumer end, why not be part of creating the new movement?  On September 18, the Hello Esty Summit is coming to San Francisco to help aspiring DIY sellers learn the ropes of setting up their own shop and creating a successful – and sustainable – small business.  In addition, thought leaders such as SFMade’s Kate Sofis and journalist Allison Arieff will provide their perspectives on the resurgence of local manufacturing. The summit is currently sold out at California College of the Arts, but another local Hello Etsy event will be happening at TechShop on Howard Street.  Register soon and be motivated to follow your dreams.  Let the bear in the cute video below be your inspiration!

Hello Etsy Summit events are taking place in cities all over the U.S., including Washington, D.C., Portland, OR, Brooklyn and Los Angeles.  And if you’re abroad, there is also one happening in Berlin, Germany!  Go to for more details.

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