A Stapler Without Staples?

Can saving the planet start with a stapler?  Well, maybe.  The designers over at Made By Humans create novel products – from a corn calculator to recycled paper vases – that may seem trivial at first but are actually very smart in design.  Case in point: I discovered the company’s Eco Staple-Free Stapler yesterday, which uses a strip cut into paper (i.e. the existing material) to stitch together up to four pages.  Extra waste in the form of metal staples is completely eliminated.

The stapler cuts out a strip from the sheets of paper and stitches them together!

Now, a staple-free stapler may sound like a minor victory for the planet, but it’s this type of innovative thinking that can help us see the potential in working with the materials we already have to create solutions.  I went on a stapling spree today with all my loose papers and have these tips for using the nifty device:

  • Be sure to press down hard!
  • I was able to staple together more than five sheets, but four really is the magic number (all the more reason to make sure you are printing double-sided).
  • Stapling vertically, instead of horizontally, makes the staple less susceptible to tears.

So should you go staple-free?  You may need your old stapler for bulkier paper sheets every now and then, but overall this product gets the job done!

*I purchased my Eco Staple-Free Stapler at MaiDo Stationery Store (415.567.8901) in Japantown for $9.95.  For more information go to www.madebyhumans.net

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