Take This, TSA: Store Your Organic Liquid Products in GoToob

We eagerly await our summer vacations.  But packing for them?  Not so much.  Personal care and beauty routines especially take a hit while we’re on the road – it’s a hassle to find TSA-approved sizes of our favorite products and most hotels still carry unhealthy brands.

So what’s a jetsetter to do?  Turn to San Francisco-based humangear, inc.  The company’s GoToob, referred to as “the civilized, squeezable travel tube,” has a large opening that makes cleaning and filling the flexible silicone tube easy.  And the product is food-grade and BPA-free, so you aren’t offsetting the benefits of putting your natural, organic lotions into a regular, chemical-leaching container.

I recently traveled to Scotland with my GoToobs and was very happy with the results.  I breezed through airport security, nothing leaked and the tubes’ different “product type” cap settings – Soap, Lotion, Sun, etc – were a fun, helpful feature.  Even my coconut oil survived the journey without making a mess.  I guess packing a carry-on doesn’t have to be so bad after all.

I purchased my GoToobs at Whole Foods Market in Noe Valley.  You can also go to www.humangear.com/GoToob for more information and retailer locations.  Prices start at $6.99 for the 1.25 oz tube.

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