How To Win the Sniffle Battle Naturally

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Our immune systems are taking a hit this spring.  Sniffles and coughs are rampant among my colleagues, family and even fellow MUNI passengers – and it seems that both allergies and persisting winter viruses are to blame.  But instead of popping Benadryl like you do your daily multivitamin, try to bring your body back to balance the natural way.  I have three chemical-free, healthy options that just might do the trick.

For stuffy noses and mucus, try flushing out your sinus and nasal passages with a Neti Pot.  The warm saline mixture gently removes impurities so you can breath free and clear.   I’ve been using one since last year and have seen the benefits firsthand (see my review on the great Baraka Neti Pot).

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An old wives’ tale claims that eating a spoonful of local honey lessens allergy symptoms.  The reasoning behind this remedy is similar to homeopathy, in that you ingest small amounts of the substance (in this case, pollen in the honey for allergies) that is irritating you.  If you live in the City, a great place to purchase local California honey is Beekind at the Ferry Building.

And lastly, I’ve become a big fan of Gaia Herbs’ organic Black Elderberry Syrup.  Studies have shown that elderberry boosts the immune system and is full of anthocyanins, which are a class of powerful antioxidants that protect cells and help them heal.  I’ve been swallowing a teaspoon of the syrup for a few days at a time when I feel a little rundown and have been able to keep colds and allergies at bay so far.  Here’s to hoping you score some sniffle-free days!

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