DODOcase Brings Traditional Bookbinding to the Kindle

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When I was six years old, my favorite outing was a trip to the library.  Each week, I would convince my mother to let me check out the maximum number of books allowed.  Then, I would quickly turn around and assemble a second stash that my sister (who, fortunately for me, did not share the same passion for books) checked out on my behalf.   Fast forward 20 years, and I have books coming out of the woodwork.  However, when a five-foot-high tower of tomes came crashing down on my boyfriend last summer, it was only a matter of time before I was gifted with the Amazon Kindle.

A lot of speculation has naturally focused on the environmental footprint of e-book readers and how they stack up against traditional paperbacks.  However, one widely shared study found that the Kindle is a great option for the voracious, not the occasional, reader.  After 22.5 electronic book purchases are made, the eco-friendliness of the Kindle surpasses traditional books, despite other factors.  I’ve had the Kindle for four months and have already made six purchases.

Yet, even though I love the free space on my shelves and don’t feel guilty buying novels I only read once, I’ve mourned the changing tides of the book publishing industry.  Luckily, an innovative San Francisco-based business has taken the traditions of bookbinding and applied it to the future of reading devices and tablets.

Keeping the skill of craftsmanship alive, DODOcase makes Kindle and iPad covers by hand, using sustainable bamboo for the inner e-book holder.  A classic black faux leather cover, reminiscent of old cloth hardbacks, is lined with the fabric of your choice (as you can see above, I chose the lovely pink shade).   The company’s mission statement – “Protects from Extinction” – is both cheeky and serious.  Preserving the art of bookbinding, and doing so in a way that promotes a local economy, is increasingly important as mass production and globalization take over markets.

Without a doubt, my DODOcase really does “make [my] Kindle feel like the book it wants to be.”  The unique, quality and handmade touches of the case make it an item to treasure.  Now if only it could have that old book smell…

I believe that supporting local businesses is extremely important.  Go to to purchase a great, SF-made case for your Kindle, which retails at $49.95.  And take a moment to watch the interesting video below on the company’s engaging story. 

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