Turning to PeopleTowels for a New Earth Day Habit

Happy Earth Day, everyone!  Behind all the greenwashing and frightful climate change statistics flung at us today lies an opportunity to simply be thankful for life or, more tangibly, Mother Earth.  For me, the importance of this holiday is realizing how blessed we are, and expressing that feeling in a way that proactively honors and respects our planet.

So how do we proactively celebrate Earth Day?  Well, April 22 is my New Year’s Day of sorts – except the focus isn’t necessarily on how I should change myself, but rather how I can change the world with myself as a conduit.  Over the years I’ve slowly been able to transition myself to a green lifestyle – moving from processed to organic food, eschewing drugstore products for homemade or natural ones – but there is always some small way we can improve.

Image Courtesy of www.peopletowels.com

My small change for 2011?  Tackling my paper towel and napkin habit.  Though I do compost them and try to use each one multiple times, I can safely say I use around 10 a day.   I didn’t have any old T-shirts lying around that could be made into reusable towels, so I went online and found this great company called PeopleTowels.

With the catchy tagline “Change is at hand,” the Monterey, Calif.-based enterprise produces reusable hand towels made from 100% organic, fair-trade cotton and screened with environmentally friendly dyes.  PeopleTowel’s designs are fresh and creative, and it feels so good to know that I’ve been able to almost entirely cut out another single-use product out of my life.  Plus the company donates to “1% for the Planet” and is a Women’s Business Enterprise – how fabulous!

Image Courtesy of www.peopletowels.com

Today I am participating in Nature Conservancy’s Picnic for the Planet, and you can bet my reusable PeopleTowel will be tucked into my basket.  In the end, it boils down to this: whether you’re deep green, light green or another shade altogether, Earth Day is a holiday for all.  How will you embody the change you want to see in this world?

To purchase PeopleTowels, go to www.peopletowels.com.  A single towel is $9.99, but I opted for the five-day customizable supply for $29.99.  The designs are so adorable it was hard to pick!  To learn more about the massive waste generated by our paper towel use, check out the company’s video below.

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