Celebrate Earth Hour This Saturday!

Great success is usually preceded by smart preparation.  That is the reasoning behind World Wildlife Fund and Earth Hour’s new “Beyond the Hour” platform, which challenges individuals to reflect and think of eco actions they can take during Earth Month (April) and continue for the rest of the year.   Whether it’s expanding the idea of Earth Hour on March 26 – i.e. turning off lights for an hour – and applying that to every Saturday evening, or bringing a homemade lunch to work most days of the week, Beyond the Hour lets families, citizens, companies and even governments publically pick, share and commit to one or more green actions.

Essentially, the online interactive platform takes Mother Nature Network’s recently-launched Idea Lab to the next level, embracing numerous social media avenues to inspire people to proactively think about long-term sustainable living changes and share them with peers around the world.  This helps keep us accountable to our eco promises and provides a measuring tool to see which changes are resonating most with individuals and societies.

Beyond the Hour is a great example of how New Year’s goals for the eco-conscious crowd have morphed into Green Resolutions for Earth Month.  But these ideas aren’t relegated to personal journals or put up on the home refrigerator.  Instead, they’re posted on the web for all to see on Facebook, Twitter, via an iPhone app or even as a blog widget, keeping us honest with ourselves and our fellow human beings who, in the long run, will benefit from our eco promises.

So where to start?  Turn off your lights from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. local time this Saturday, March 26.  With households participating from countries all over the world, you’ll be able to see a “wave of darkness” sweep the Earth.  For my part, I’ll be lighting a few organic beeswax candles and bringing out the board games!

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