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If you think yoga means turning yourself into a human pretzel, it’s time to get enlightened.  Model-turned-yogi Tara Stiles – who also happens to be Deepak Chopra’s personal trainer and Women’s Health Yoga expert– has taken the ancient mind-body practice and made it accessible, relevant and fun. 

Dubbing her philosophy “yoga for everyone,” Tara founded Strala Yoga Studio last year in New York and recently authored the book Slim. Calm. Sexy.  I first came across Tara in ELLE magazine’s “Make Better” DVD series (yes – I do exercise videos at 6am) and immediately felt energized after her routine.  Fast forward to the launch of her book in late August, and I haven’t been able to put it down since.  Slim. Calm. Sexy. offers up routines that slim down your body, promote relaxation and, when needed, rev up your engines – all in 15 minutes a day. 

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In the mornings, I grab the book and my Manduka mat and start the day with a mix of the A.M. Metabolism Kickoff and Fat Burning routines.  To de-stress after a busy workday, the Insomina poses help me nod off quickly.  I highly recommend Tara’s book if you’re looking for a way to balance your life and emotions in a natural way – and with more than 200 poses, mix-and-match routines, and life-changing sections on meditation and breathing techniques, there will always be room to grow.  Plus a vigorous home routine saves on gym costs and doesn’t require energy-intensive equipment to stay fit.

And I’m excited to announce that Tara is going to be the latest guest in the Tom’s of Maine* “Wicked Fresh! Wednesdays” video chat series!  Come ask her questions live TODAY on Facebook or at 5pm PST.   She’ll share her tips on creating a stress-free holiday through fitness and demonstrate some energizing and relaxing poses.   Can I get an “Om?”

If I’m on the road, Tara’s “Authentic Yoga” joint iPhone app with Deepak Chopra is always a good fitness traveling buddy.  Or I check out her free videos on the Tara Stiles YouTube Channel

*FULL DISCLOSURE: Tom’s of Maine is a client of my firm.

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