Canning the Sweetness of Summer

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To preserve the taste of summer year-round, head to your local farmer’s market.  Plums and tomatoes are bountiful during this season and perfect for canning and preserving.  With a basic canning set and a block of weekend time, you can whip up tasty jams or comforting pasta sauces to enjoy during the chilly winter months. With your newfound homesteading skills, you’ll support local farmers, save money and keep nasty food preservatives out of your body by making everything from scratch.

Greenista Girl Sasha purchased a canning set from Ball for under $100 – complete with a cooling rack, jars and lids – and a Pretty Pantry Gifts labeling set to decorate her Christmas gifts.  To save money at the farmer’s market, she uses insider lingo and asks for “seconds,” which are…

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  1. What a great article! I’m going to buy the canning set and get started. Thanks for the motivation!

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