The Schoolgirl Uniform Grows Up and Goes Green

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Schoolgirl uniforms may come with the requisite itchy pleated skirts and unsightly red ties, but Sheena Matheiken’s  The Uniform Project is out to reinterpret the concept for us grown-up girls.  Wearing the same little black dress every day for a year, Sheena made it fun and fresh by using recycled, donated or borrowed accessories to spice up her style.  From bright purple tights to crazy layering, she proved that wearing the same basic piece for 365 days straight is anything but boring – and extremely eco-friendly!

The Uniform Project, launched in May 2009, started out as a yearlong fundraising platform for the Akanksha Foundation, which to date has provided funding for educational expenses (uniforms, books, etc) for 287 children living in India’s slums.  Though “Year 1” has passed, Sheena [recently announced that she has] a new uniform project up her upcycled sleeves.  Donations are still welcome and  limited editions of her little black dress (made from sustainable materials) are now available online.

So in honor of Sheena’s mission, challenge yourself to a personal uniform project and either select an existing item from your closet or snag one of the limited LBDs…and commit to wearing it at  least three times a week.  If you’re feeling creative and…

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**This post has been updated to reflect changes since time of initial writing.

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