Eco Book Review: “Hot, Rich & Green” – A Greenista’s Guide to Business

Don’t let the title fool you –Hot, Rich & Green is a serious business guide for the green-minded gal. Written by Rebecca Harrell Tickell, producer of the award-winning biodiesel film “FUEL” and chair of her husband Josh Tickell’s The Veggie Van Organization, the book celebrates the power of and need for femininity in the business world.

In Hot, Rich & Green you’ll find 10 basic steps to discovering your passion and creating a viable business model to compete in the new green economy – i.e. “Get A Mentor” and “Create a Powerful Relationship with Money.”  Filled with case studies and advice from successful businesswomen that represent a wide array of career paths – from chefs, bloggers and scientists to actors, non-profit workers and vice presidents of alternative fuel companies – the book pairs inspiration with insight in a way that speaks directly to women looking to cultivate fulfilling, earth-friendly work while turning a profit.

I found the layout of Hot, Rich & Green particularly effective.  The chapters have opening and closing summaries that neatly tie together the relevant lessons and wisdom shared from the featured women and companies in each step.  Though the guide has a self-published look and doesn’t include a section on helpful Web sites or references for further reading, I still recommend it  as a great quick read and introduction to successful women in the green biz.

Check out the following exclusive video to hear from the ladies featured in the book, including Rory Freedman (author of Skinny Bitch), Anna Getty (author and founder of PureStyle Living), Mariel Hemingway (actress and founder of Mariel’s Kitchen) and Rachelle Carson Begley (actress, activist and wife of Ed Begley) on what makes them hot, rich and green. For additional reviews, see the recent article on The Huffington Post.

**Hot, Rich & Green is published by Living Well Publishing and is available for purchase online.

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