Call of the Wild: ForageSF Supper Club

Only in San Francisco could the secretive allure of a speakeasy be applied to…foraged food?  You bet.  Though whispered passwords and member-only keys have been replaced by an email list, the ambience of discretion and diverting from the mainstream makes The Wild Kitchen Dinner a thrilling experience.

Run by Iso Rabins, founder of and the SF Underground Market, the alternative dining experience serves up an eight-course meal made with local ingredients that either come from Bay Area businesses, personal harvests or have been collected from the wild (or in some cases, “gleaned”; which I eventually was told is a fancy word for “stolen”).

On the day of the event, an email is sent out with the supper location, which can be anywhere from an old warehouse to a swanky apartment building.  The dinner I attended last Friday was in a nondescript loft in the Mission.  Dozens of candles illuminated two long communal tables that were set with eclectic, mismatched dinnerware and decorated with lovely foraged arrangements by SabineFlowers.  The made-from-scratch meal was prepared with ingredients such as miners lettuce from McLaren Park and lemons from Santa Cruz, in addition to various course components provided by local food startups and chefs, i.e. flatbread from Sour Flour and homemade mozzarella from Jordan Grosser of Alembic.

From beginning to end, the entire meal was incredible.  Each course was fresh, distinct and creatively incorporated a local, foraged ingredient – candy cap mushroom ice cream with gleaned orange preserve, anyone?  As the evening wore on, conversations with perfect strangers became increasingly relaxed and enjoyable.  Though the dinner did run a little off schedule – it ended two hours late due to stove issues – breaking bread in such an unconventional way was so much fun, it’s made this SF secret quite hard to keep.

To buy tickets, you must be a member (signups are available on the site).  The eight-course dinner is $75 per ticket and drinks are BYOB. Make sure you come hungry, as portions are sizeable.

A sampling of ForageSF courses to feast your eyes upon…

Soup of Crisp Wild Onion and Local Wild Nettle

Wild Nettle Flatbread by "Sour Flour" with Homemade Mozzarella by Jordan Grosser of Alembic

Nasturtium Flower Pesto over Fresh Potato Gnocchi

Chorizo Stewed Mussels with Foraged Citrus and Wild Onion Flowers

Wild Rosemary Marinated Marin Sun Farm Beef Tenderloin with a Balsamic & Black Trumpet Mushroom Reduction and Pan Fried Wild Radish Greens and Mashed Heirloom Potatoes


  1. This was dinner was so delicious! Thank you for taking me with you and your pictures look amazing. I recommend this to anyone who might be intimidated by organic or foraged food.

  2. Really glad you liked it, thanks for the post!


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