Water Wars: Tap vs. Bottled Water

After opening our eyes to the brainwashing behind the manufactured demand of mass consumerism in her debut video “The Story of Stuff,” Annie Leonard dives under the surface of the bottled water industry to expose a system that cons citizens into paying top dollar for inferior water that simply comes in a pretty plastic bottle, along with the pretense of being a “purer product.”

The Story of Bottled Water” is insightful, thought-provoking and easy to grasp.  By showing the high cost behind purchasing bottled water (both for the planet and your wallet), Leonard proves that there is a need for consumers to band together and prioritize the need for clean tap water, eliminating the truly dirty industry of bottled water.

So take a few minutes, watch this video and commit to making a change in how you hydrate yourself.  Celebrate World Water Day by investing in a Brita filter (if you’re still uncomfortable drinking directly from the tap or if your region has poor water quality) and a stylish reusable water bottle (I personally love the designs from Earthlust). Because it looks like the bottled water industry has sprung a leak.


  1. I’ve long thought bottled water was ridiculous. Just get a Brita! I can’t seem to convince many people to agree – maybe this will help. Great video and article!

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