A Breath of Fresh Air: Natural Cure for Pesky Seasonal Allergies

For the San Francisco girl, springtime brings sunnier skies, outdoor dinner dates, gorgeous blooms in Golden Gate Park…and the unfortunate arrival of seasonal allergies.  If the idea of escaping from the winter flu only to encounter a daily stuffy nose or sinus congestion is enough to drive you back indoors, it’s time to look for a healthy solution that lets you embrace Mother Nature.

Instead of popping a pill, why not try an all-natural, centuries-old approach to curing your pollen woes?  While perusing the aisles of my favorite alternative drugstore Pharmaca in Cole Valley, I came across the Baraka Sinus Care Kit.  The set came complete with a Neti Pot, French Atlantic Sea Salt and Sinus Rejuvenating Oil, and has successfully buffered me against the severe allergy symptoms I typically battle during this time of year.

Image Courtesy of SinusSupport.com

Neti pots, which have been used for thousands of years by practitioners of Ayurveda and yoga, are teapot-like devices used to run a saline solution through the nasal passages.  This practice, according to Baraka and alternative medicine practitioners, rinses out undesirable dust, pollen, mucous and other matter from the nose to maintain optimal, healthy breathing conditions.   My soothing blue, ceramic Baraka Neti pot is made in the United States and is lead-free.  In addition, the company, which is a small, U.S., woman-owned business, gets all of its salts and essential oils from sustainable sources – definitely a green biz model to support!

The whole nasal-rinsing process seemed intimidating at first, but now that I’ve gotten the hang of it and experienced the benefits firsthand (it has even helped with my minor sleep apnea), I’ve incorporated the Neti pot into my normal routine.  I use it every other day (experiment to see what works best for you) and use the invigorating sinus oil daily whenever I feel an allergy-induced headache or nasal stuffiness coming on.

There are plenty of great videos online that make mastering the Neti pot easy (see Body+Soul’s demonstration), as well as a selection of Neti products favored by top green gurus such as Sophie Uliano.  So treat yourself to a breath of fresh air this spring by splurging on a Neti pot of your choice!

**Additional tips: Make sure the water is warm (not hot!) and that you are using purified, distilled water, such as water from your Brita. High-quality salt from your local supermarket can be used, but I personally prefer Baraka’s French Atlantic Sea Salt, which is filled with minerals.


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  2. […] been using one since last year and have seen the benefits firsthand (see my review on the great Baraka Neti Pot). Image Courtesy of […]

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