Drink To Your Health: Eco Travel Mugs

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If the whole BPA-lining debacle concerning reusable water bottles last summer had you worrying about meeting your daily hydration quota – because, seriously, if you can’t use your iconic SIGG to drink water from, then what can you use – it’s only natural that you’d turn a weary eye to the other travel mugs and containers in your on-the-go arsenal.

After recycling or tossing a few old travel mugs with chipped lining and discolored interiors, I moved on to my favorite go-to tumbler – a cheery, made-from-recycled-materials, “Go Green” travel mug from Starbucks.  I was going to put it back on the shelf when it dawned on me that the tumbler didn’t have a BPA-free sticker on it when I bought it.  As I’ve learned, just because something has environmental messaging plastered all over it (see my article on Disneyland’s Kermit the Frog wallets) doesn’t mean there is anything actually green about the product.

I did some research online and, to my dismay, discovered that my beloved mug did indeed contain BPA.  In fact, the entire line of recycled-plastic drink containers from Starbucks was made with the toxic stuff.  Official statements from the company have assured customers that all Starbucks products in 2010 will be made without BPA, but I’ve decided to go in a new direction with my reusable wares this year.

Image Courtesy of Aladdin-pmi.com

In my search to find a healthy (and stylish) container for my morning chai latte, I came across Aladdin’s Hybrid Stainless Steel Travel Mug.  Part of the 100-year-old company’s “Drink It Hot” collection, the classic mug keeps my beverage at the perfect temperature despite my 45-minute bus ride.  Made from food-grade stainless steel and Eastman Tritan™ copolyester Bisphenol-A free plastic, I feel safe knowing that my morning brew doesn’t come with an unwanted dose of chemicals.

I cart my Aladdin mug everywhere and the grande/medium options at most of my local cafes typically fill up my 160z container.  However, for the few times that I have a latte craving and am stuck without my mug in hand, I’ve picked up a few tricks that make grabbing that disposable cup less damaging to the planet…and your eco psyche.   I keep a recycled-paper cup sleeve in a few of my favorite purses and have started keeping a plastic coffee lid that I wash and reuse in my bag, so I automatically use 2/3 less waste when I grab a spontaneous afternoon treat.  Drink up!


  1. Thanks for the great tip about saving coffee cup lids and sleeves ~ what a simple but effective idea!

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