Let Them Eat [Cup]cakes!

Want to strike a sweet deal for both your taste buds and the planet?  Then Kara’s Cupcakes is the place to tame (or indulge) your sugar craving.   The Northern California outpost sources local and organic ingredients for its selection of delicious cupcakes.  From twists on the traditional (Sweet Vanilla made with madagascar bourbon vanilla frosting) to the quirky decadent (Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Ganache, s’il vous plait), this is anything but your run-of-the-mill cupcake joint.

Each cupcake is dainty, but substantial, so you can satisfy your desire for something sweet while avoiding the tooth-and-tummy ache that seems to be the requisite side effect for devouring cakes from other big names in the biz.


Image Courtesy of Photograph © Mitch Tobias

Kara’s artisan approach to baking is evident both in the quality of the finished product and the attention to detail in cultivating a business that holds true to its green and community-friendly values. Counters are crafted with Forest Stewardship Certified wood; take-out containers are compostable and recyclable; and delivery vehicles are of the ultra-low-emission kind.  And in genuine support-your-neighbor fashion, the cupcakes can be washed down with a glass of California organic milk or enjoyed with a cup of specialty brew from SF-based Bluebottle.

I got my first taste of Kara’s cupcakes at the Ghirardelli Square location, where I sampled the Java, Vanilla Chocolate and Raspberry Dazzle varieties.  Each one was so delicious that I couldn’t help taking a box with additional flavors home.  The next afternoon, despite being a day old, I sat down and enjoyed cupcakes that were still moist and tasted like they had recently emerged freshly-baked from the oven.

I may not be a cupcake aficionado, but I am certainly a cupcake fiend.   And when I need to get my sweet treat fix, only a cupcake from Kara’s will do!

Enjoy seasonal varieties, like the Pumpkin Spice, while they last!  And for a new take on your typical holiday soiree, consider signing up for a cupcake decorating party by Kara.  $36 for one dozen cupcakes.  More information available at http://www.karascupcakes.com.

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