Get Your Green Drink On

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Instead of engaging in the rat race of “business card collecting” at another dreary networking event, head over to 111 Minna on Green Drinks night.  More happy hour than resume pushing, the social event for hip environmentalists offers exposure to a like-minded group of people.  Whether you’re looking for a green mate or want to debate the Waxman-Markey bill, the art house is packed with professionals open to making connections of all kinds.

While sipping a glass of organic Pinot Grigio, I learned about the latest in energy-efficient installations for office buildings from a friendly Southern 20-something; received a curriculum rundown from a grad student at the Presidio School of Management; and signed up for volunteer hours with Bay Youth for the Environment Program.

Green Drinks, held every first Tuesday of the month, features varying companies and entrepreneurs as sponsors at each event.  This past month, Earthjustice, a nonprofit environmental law firm, and World of, eBay’s marketplace for all things fair trade and environmentally responsible, were the primary event sponsors.  DJ Rump kept the night alive with tunes and Sour Flour, a local nonprofit that gives out free sourdough bread to anyone who places an order and even offers bread-making lessons gratis in the Mission, provided doughy bites to go with the vino.

So put on your [vegan] party shoes and head over to the next Green Drinks gathering on December 1!

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