Kicking Off Unwelcome Stragglers on the Green Bandwagon

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Companies from different sectors are jumping haphazardly on the green bandwagon, peddling green promises and claims that, when scrutinized, don’t measure up to the hype.  This sudden free-for-all of green marketing is both misleading and destructive, as it fosters skepticism among consumers of what is and isn’t green and redlights smaller competitors who really are struggling to make a difference.  So how do we make educated decisions on where to spend our precious dollars?  By turning to reputable sources, of course.


Everyone has a favorite green blogger/reviewer they turn to.  I personally favor Sophie Uliano, author of the New York Times best-selling “Gorgeously Green” books and founder of  Her product and company recommendations are all personally-tested and reported in a fair and non-biased way – with a fun, British-type of flair.

I’ve also occasionally turned to my Los Angeles Greenopia guide, which offers a listing of green businesses – from restaurants to fabric stores to hair salons – in a select number of U.S. cities.  In my opinion, the earlier version I own includes recommendations that don’t quite stack up to green criteria today.  However, between the currently-available, updated editions and the informative newsletter that Greenopia sends out once a month, you’ll be all set for your sustainability needs.

But what has really caught my attention recently is Certified B Corporation.  This new type of corporation seeks to solve social and environmental problems through the power and influence of business.  Serving as a type of third-party certifier, companies come to B Corp for evaluation of their sustainability standing, which includes looking at all aspects of their business (from sourcing to production to sales).   This aids in true transparency for both customers and investors / shareholders.  Green leaders such as Method and Numi Organic Tea have already jumped on board, helping to position B Corp as the source for evaluating and recommending environmentally-responsible leaders.  Check out their video below and see if your favorite company has signed up.  Make sure that how you spend with your green dollars counts!

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