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Vert Interior (Courtesy of

Vert Interior (Courtesy of

Last week I made a trip out to my favorite green beauty store – Vert in Venice Beach, CA.  My skin was acting up after spending the last month traveling for work and I was desperate to find something to bring it back to normal.   I shared my skin woes with Vert owner Renata Helfman, who recommended the Soothing Lotion by holistic line Pratima.

Pratima is an all-natural skincare line concocted with the principles of Ayurveda in mind.  Ayurveda, known as the oldest healing science, believes that all functions and parts of the body are interdependent and, therefore, when one area is unbalanced it inherently affects all the other parts.   Ayurveda states that everything is composed of five fundamental elements – air, water, earth, fire and space – which in turn give rise to three biological forces called Doshas.  The Doshas are Pitta (Fire & Water), Vata (Space & Air) and Kapha (Water & Earth). [To learn more and take the Dosha Test, visit the official Pratima site]


Whether you believe in the science of Ayurveda or not, I must say that the Pratima Soothing Lotion made a DRAMATIC difference in my skin.  Infused with Neem (antibacterial), Camphor (soothing), Basil and essential oils of Sandalwood and Rose, the product effectively toned down the inflammation I was having and began to lighten my scars.  Within a few days of using the product, my skin was back to its glowing self.

At only $20, Pratima’s Soothing Lotion is a steal!  You’d be hard-pressed to find a department store acne cream (which comes with a dose of toxins) in that price range.  And with the savings from my purchase, I couldn’t help but splurge at Vert a little more.  My top product picks for the day: (1) The Clarity Creme Blush from Jane Iredale – I’ve never had such perfectly-rosy cheeks (ok, well maybe when I was five); (2) Buddha Nose’s Lemongrass Ginger Lime Lip Balm – the organic lip treatment is an instant pick-me-up; and (3) Jane Iredale’s Erin LipColour – the ideal shimmery pink for summer that goes with everything.


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