Eating Homegrown – Urban Farms Crop Up Around the Big City


Due to rising food costs and a general attitude shift towards wanting to “make things with your own two hands,” more and more individuals are discovering the simple joy of putting some seeds in the ground and watching them grow.  From window-box arrangements to community plots, urban gardens (see The New York TimesUrban Farming, a Bit Closer to the Sun” article) are rapidly filling empty lots and previously-neglected backyards.  Whether to put food on the table or sell produce for profit, the trend towards harvesting your own fruits and veggies is catching on.  Even in my tiny Los Angeles apartment I’ve found a place to grow a nice mesclun mix and kale patch.

The University of San Francisco’s urban garden is one of my favorite places to visit.  From artichokes to plums to an assortment of herbs, the sizable plot yields your garden-variety produce and much more.  Here’s a quick visual tour of the garden’s nooks and crannies that I adore.





The university also hosts a farmers’ market on Sundays from 10am-2pm.  Local farmers and vendors sell everything from fresh seafood to honey made right in the city.  (Tip: Be sure to visit the cheese stand – their organic pesto cheddar is to-die-for!)


Quick Farmers' Market Tip: Buy (or grow) edible Borage flowers...

..use it as decoration in a salad or fancy champagne drink!

...and use them as decoration in a salad or fancy champagne drink!

And if you love to dig around and get your hands dirty, but only have enough room/sunlight in your home to grow a few staple herbs in mini-pots, there are always neighborhood gardens you can volunteer at.  For example, this summer I’ll be putting my [hopefully] green thumb to use at The Learning Garden in Venice Beach.  If you live in Northern California, Alice Water’s Edible Schoolyard is definitely the place to start.  Do some research – you’re sure to find something exciting growing near you!

Think you have a discerning farmer's eye?  What is this a picture of?  [Answer: The inside of a green onion.]

Think you have a discerning farmer's eye? What is this a picture of? ANSWER: The inside of a green onion.


  1. Sasha – such a cool post! you managed to capture so much of the beauty of USF’s organic garden as well as the excitement of the larger green movement. great post.

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