Reinventing the Hot Dog Stand – Let’s Be Frank

Let's Be Frank Logo 
Let’s Be Frank Logo

 Dogs gone good – that’s the tagline for the cheery Let’s Be Frank hot dog trucks found throughout San Francisco and Los Angeles.  And the hot dog purveyors  – led by Sue Moore, former “meat forager” for Berkeley’s famous eatery Chez Panisse – certainly deliver on (and exceed) that promise.  Once you take a bite of their organic, grass-fed fare, you’ll never crave a rubbery supermarket dog again.

I routinely make a visit to the stand in Culver City, which is sandwiched between H.D. Buttercup and La Bella Cosa.  The red-and-yellow truck, decorated with an adorable cartoon dachshund mascot, draws in a trendy and eco-conscious crowd, along with those that just have a hankering for a good ‘ole hot dog.

There are three hot dog choices on the menu -Brat Dog, Hot Dog and Spicy Hot Dog.  According to Let’s Be Frank, the dogs are made from premium cuts of grass-fed beef while the brats are from pure heritage pork – there are NO nitrates, preservatives, fillers or junk.  To dress your hot dog, there is an assortment of organic condiments.  And all hot dogs come topped with delicious homemade onions and a chewy bun toasted to perfection.  Natural sodas and chips are also available for those that need a little something more.

The reasons to eat organic and grass-fed meats are vast – from avoiding disruptive hormone mimickers to creating an ethical living environment for cattle and hogs – and it’s time large-scale confinement farms take responsibility for their actions and change their harmful practices.  Until then, it’s nice to know we have amazing food truck options like Let’s Be Frank, which understand that health and honesty are the best policy.


  1. Those hot dogs are delicious! You can buy them at Andronico’s in San Francisco in addition to the stands. They’re great for a picnic in the Park or lunch at the Zoo!

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