Even Hardcore Bikers have a Soft, uurr, Green Side…

Jesse James of "Monster Garage." Photo courtesy of Google Images Jesse James of “Monster Garage.” Photo courtesy of Google Images


Motorcycle man Jesse James of TV’s “Monster Garage” fame has a soft spot for the environment.  Down the street from his West Coast Choppers motorcycle shop on a non-descript (and to be honest: somewhat sketchy) stretch in Long Beach, CA, is his old-school hamburger stand Cisco Burger.

Named after his beloved and deceased canine (a pit bull to be exact – hey, not like you were expecting a Chihuahua, right?), the restaurant itself doesn’t look that impressive, save for the cool solar panels on the roof and some skylights that let in the Southern California sun.

Though it’s meant to be a “bargain joint,” a meal with a few substitutions still ends up being around $10. I ordered the Cisco Burger Combo with onion rings.  The burger was average.  The onion rings, however, were large and had a perfect onion-to-crust ratio.

Photo courtesy of CiscoBurger.com

Photo courtesy of CiscoBurger.com

Cisco Burger certainly has some commendable green offerings: the food ingredients are locally sourced and take-out orders come in biodegradable containers.  The aforementioned solar panels provide the restaurant with a steady supply of power.  And there’s also a hybrid delivery truck.

In all, it makes me happy to see a fast food-type place embracing green business practices.  The meal is fine if you’re craving an eco-friendly quick burger, but not if you’re looking for anything gourmet.

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