Greenista’s Take: “Battle For Terra” Movie Review


Produced by Roadside Attraction, “Battle for Terra” is an animated film about a war in space over one of the last hospitable planets in the universe.  Humans have destroyed Earth, and the survivors are living in an aging spacecraft that is running out of oxygen supply.  The military unit EarthForce is itching to attack the peaceful alien land Terra, even though the ruling Civilian Government questions whether resorting to violence is the only way to save mankind.

When a coup ensues, destruction is unleashed and the survival of both species looks grim…until an unlikely friendship between a young Terrian named Mala (Evan Rachel Wood) and EarthForce pilot Lt. Jim Stanton (Luke Wilson) changes everything.


With an all-star cast, including Dennis Quaid, Luke Wilson, Justin Long, Chris Evans and Rachel Evan Wood, it’s a surprise the film didn’t have a larger publicity budget – it was certainly worth it.  Directed by Aristomenis ‘Meni’ Tsirbas (read his interview at Mother Nature Network), it poignantly foreshadows mankind’s future if we do not act now and begin investing in a sustainable way of life. In the words of the Terrian Elder, “I believe that in our darkest hour, the very qualities that made us great will make us strong” – powerful words that should be applied to the current environmental hardships and fears we are facing. It’s a shame that this movie has mainly made the rounds around the environmental community, when really its impact should be felt among the mainstream movie audience.

Even though the film isn’t quite the same caliber as WALL-E – in terms of flashy graphics and story / character development – it was entertaining and delivered a strong environmental message: We need to open our eyes and see that it is not in our best interest to travel to the ends of the universe to avoid fixing the problems we have created here on Earth.  Such a journey will be futile.  When total destruction without consideration of another species becomes our only option, we will be staring at the demise of humankind straight in the face, for we will have become alien to ourselves.


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