Denim Pioneer Goes Green – Levi’s® Eco Jeans Are a Bargain

It was a particularly windy day yesterday, and as my boyfriend and I were taking a stroll around the Marina in Long Beach, CA I felt an abnormal chill on my backside.  I tugged my long shirt aside and noticed that I had a GIGANTIC rip in my Seven jeans.  Besides being mortified that someone might have caught a glimpse of my underwear (not to mention my red face), I have no clue how it got there.  Granted, I’ve owned the same pair for three years now and they do serve as a staple of my “everyday uniform,” but still…..

I decided it was a sure sign that it was time to invest in a pair of eco-jeans – but where would I find such a pair?  Online research didn’t help much – all the designer green label jeans were only available online (I called 15 stores and NONE of them had a single pair in-store).  Plus, most carried a price tag of $220+.  I finally stumbled upon Levi’s® Eco jeans line, and they were EXACTLY what I was looking for – reasonable in price and environmentally-friendly.  Even though different styles in the line had varying amounts of organic or recycled cotton, I bought two great pairs for under $150 – Levi’s® eco Mid-Rise Boot 553 and Levi’s® eco Low Skinny 531 jeans.  I highly recommend getting a pair from the storied brand.

And for those of you looking for some display of eco-cred, all Levi’s eco jeans are marked with a few subtle identifiers, including an embroidered lowercase “e” inside the front pocket (or at the bottom of the right leg of each jean), a natural-colored canvas “Levi’s®” tab and “Two Horse Patch” made from 100% organic fabric, and natural-colored pocket stitching.

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